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Nomads Affairs Organization of Iran

Nomads Affairs Organization of Iran is a governmental organization, which is responsible to give services to the Iranian itinerant mountaineers. With the aim of organizing the migration and voluntary resettlement of nomads, it organizes the necessary policies

and plans in coordination with the upstream institutions (government, parliament, Nomads supreme council, etc.)

Nomadic Affairs Organization"s most important tasks include the following five main projects


1-    Implementation Plan to Organize Nomads Accommodation (Measures to maintain, improve and expand productive employment, the establishment of infrastructure and proper housing for nomads and strengthen their relative production).

2-    Support Services Plan to Nomads (Providing road infrastructure services, supplying some food items and drinking water, supplying manufacturing infrastructure and ..., to the nomadic migrants on the country-side, the YAYLAK and GISHLAG and the migration route).

3-    Comprehensive Nomadic Study Plan (Performing studies To organize nomads in order to identify and locate development centers and feasibility studies of activities aimed at increasing production in nomadic areas).

4-    Fossil fuel replacement and clean energy projects (A plan to prevent improper use of forest resources and pastures and meet the needs of nomads’ fuels).

5-    Analysis and providing nomadic community needs to the related apparatus.



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